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What are Conductors and Insulators?

Learn about Conductors and InsulatorsThe flow of electricity through conductors is similar to water flowing through pipes and fittings. When electrons flow freely through a material, we say that there Read more »

How do Electrons Work?

In high school science class, you learned that an atom is made up of a certain number of electrons orbiting a nucleus. The atom can be positively or negatively charged, depending on a lack or excess Read more »

Grid Tie Inverters with Battery Backup

This image shows the required components for a grid-interconnected system with a battery backup; this is called grid-interactive operation. The arrangement provides power from the battery during grid Read more »

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Are you up for Solar Electricity?


Battery Cable Wiring for PV Systems
Battery Voltage Regulation for PV Systems
Best Temperature for Batteries


Can I simply switch to Solar Power?
Connecting Wind Turbines to Your Home
Connecting Your PV System
Connecting your PV System Part 2


DC Wiring for PV Systems
Deep Cycle Batteries and Discharge


Energy Efficient Lighting
Energy Efficient Lighting
Energy-Efficient Appliances
Equalizing Battery Charging


Fluorescent Lighting Types
Fossil Backup Power


Generators & Energy Meters
Grid Connected Inverters
Grid Tie Inverters with Battery Backup


Home Office Energy Usage
How do Batteries Work?
How Do Battery Backup Systems Work?
How do Electrons Work?
How does an Inverter work?
How to calculate Solar PV Requirements?
How to Choose Energy Efficient Small Appliances
How to Connect Your PV Inverter
How to deal with Generator Noise and Heat
How to Reduce your Energy Consumption
How to Size PV Battery Backups
How to Understand Generator Ratings
How to Understand Generator Ratings Part 2


Inverter Output Voltage
Inverter Surge Capacity


Large Area and Free Lighting


Off-Grid Homes and Battery Backups
Options for Backup Generators


Photovoltaic System Grounding
PV Energy Requirements
PV System AC Disconnects


Reduce Copper Usage


Safe Handling of Batteries
Sizing a Solar PV System


The Basics of Energy Efficient Lights
The Basics of Photovoltaics
Types of Generators and Fuel Economy


Understanding Battery Capacity
Understanding Energy Guide Labels


What are Battery Charge Controllers?
What are Conductors and Insulators?
What are Diversion Loads?
What are Inverter ratings?
What is a "Grid-Tied" Electrical System?
What is a Battery Float Stage?
What is Energy Conservation?
What is Inverter Capacity?
What is Maximum Power Point Tracking?
Why an Energy Efficient Appliance?
Wiring for PV Systems
Wiring of a PV Array