The Beauty of a Bus Ride

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There is so much beauty in using public transportation. It puts you in contexts that you would not have discovered had you taken the usual taxi or driven a car. I have spent the last few weeks in Phoenix AZ a huge city, the 5th in the country I was told. Highways, freeways, and loops, crisscross the whole valley in a fascinating grid of almost perfect symmetry. It is a mandala of gigantic proportions that makes you think twice before planning a trip from one part of the megalopolis to another. Few mornings ago, I had a very important business meeting to go to very early in the morning. Being late by just 5 minutes was completely out of question. Yet I took a big bet by avoiding to take a taxi, and decided to search for a bus station with the help of google map. Here is what I discovered; to my surprise and delight, the trip was much shorter than I thought, on time, enjoyable and allowed me to see what I would have missed for sure had I traveled by taxi on the regular Interstate. Indeed, I arrived 30 minutes earlier, had a chance to establish a nice connection with the bus driver and noticed the kindness of all the travelers, who all thanked the driver as they were stepping outside at their respective stop. All those wonderful faces will always remain in my heart. Later that morning, my meeting went really well and I realized that many of the workers in that office were probably on the same bus with me, few hours earlier. Try to take a bus next time, and see what happens.